Lions Heart Handball Club founded in 2005. The club was founded to promote and develop handball in the Gambia with an ambition aim to make a difference, while create many more handball clubs in the Gambia, which will Accommodation young talent all over the country especially from the High School Down to the primary and Secondary level , to Promote and have a competition playing handball.
In Short Chei Jallow, Lamin Ceesay, Lang Kinteh, Elish Mary Ceesay and others who play a vital role to ensure that Lions Heart Handball Club become a national handball team that will produce lots of talents for handball in the Gambia.
During this process a prospect by the Name Mr Ketil Moan Step in to Support the club in all aspect and later become the club Manager.
Lions Heart Handball Club Started playing in the national league only with a male team but during that process, the club was working hard to build female team which then consists of few players grouping the male team for training.
In 2006, in a bid to reflect on this, the club began to change in by producing many young talents to represent the Gambia in Senior Teams for International Competition. The Bakau Base Club currently has two Handball teams representing the Club in the National League of the Gambia which consist of mainly Graduate players from high school; almost fifty percent of the female team players are still in high school.
In 2010, 2011& 2012 2013 Season Lions Heart Handball Registered and participated in both category male and female.
The team has been fighting since then heard to maintain a positive spot in the league.

                                                     HISTORY MAKING EVENTS
Lions Heart handball is the handball team that score 53 goals in history of the national Gambian league of the Gambia 2011\ 2012 season.
During the coaching course that was organize in 2011 by the Gambia handball association lion’s heart representative, Kebba Njie senior player and Steven Stephan the senior female team coach turnout to be awarded the first and second position.
In this year’s league tournament the lion’s heart female team was the only team that played an entire first half game without conceding a single goal, which was a very good performance for the new female goal keeper Mariama Ceesay who was scouted from the high schools.
Lion’s heart male and female captains hold the high goal scoring record for 2012\ 2013 league tournament
Samba Ndoye (38)
Amie Ceesay (35)


Construction of the New Lions Heart Handball Court Begins today 24th January 2014, the Club Management Wish to Thank all of you who made this project possible, our sponsor in Norway * we thank you all …

Today Begins the Construction of new face handball ground at the new lions heart hand ball Court Independence stadium Bakau, this project is a major boast for the club, with the support of the club Manager Mr Ketil Moen lions heart are able to land a major Deal Project to Upgrade and transform the  ground in to standard profession flooring handball court.

An agreement has been reach between Independence stadium Management and Lions Heart Handball Club to used one side of the handball ground at the independence stadium, the club will be fully responsible for managing and upholding of the facility and will be using the ground on a rental basis for training and league matches.



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